Sushi in Milan

If you want to eat sushi in Milan,it's not too hard to find among various restaurants and All You Can Eat venues, but if you'd like to enjoy authentic Japanese sushi that's not contaminated by the "fusions" mandated by current trends, the perfect place is Shiro Poporoya in Eustachi 20, near Lima and Porta Venezia.

Traditional Japanese cuisine lives on here and always offers the best.


In Milan you'll find "true" Sushi prepared by Master Hirazawa Minoru

Sushi requires great skill in its preparation, as well as passion, rigour and dexterity: all qualities that Hirazawa Minoru brought to Italy from Japan back in the 70s. Strictly gohan rice is used at the restaurant, which is a sweet, short grain white rice that is washed, cooked and then soaked in rice vinegar mixed with sugar, salt, kombu and sake. High-quality Nori algae and various types of stuffings abound: raw fish (tuna, salmon, sea bass and octopus), crustaceans, shellfish and seafood, fruit and vegetables such as cucumbers and avocado, as well as tofu, eggs and red meat.


Restaurant Shiro Poporoya's menu offers a wide variety of sushi to choose from:


  • futomaki
  • hosomaki
  • temaki
  • uramaki
  • nigirizushi
  • gunkanzushi
  • chirashizushi
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